How do you buy a domain?

Getting a domain is the first bold step anyone will take to establish their online presence.

Whether you are buying it for business or to serve as a window to reach out to the world for your cause, domain is what gives you a cyber presence.

Before we talk about how you can buy a domain, let me clarify a misconception about domain buying. In reality, you don’t purchase a domain, no one does! What you do is register and rent it for a period, and you can keep it for life as long as you are up to date with your rental fee.

Therefore, every domain you see is registered by some individuals for personal or corporate need to host their websites. If you are looking for how to buy a domain name, there two possibilities involved; the first is to register a new domain and the second is to buy existing domain from the current owner and become the right owner of the domain. In this article, we will discuss the first option.

Steps to buying a domain

If you are conversant with online business, you should know that a domain name is an important tool for a successful online business, and it is crucial to know how to buy one. To purchase a domain name, follow the steps below:

Domain Name

Domain Name

Get the best domain name for your business

You need a name that perfectly describes the kind of business you do. It should be niche related so that customers can know what you do even before you explain how. Luckily for you, the new domain extensions give you the perfect room to get a memorable name with niche related extension that tells your prospects exactly what business you do. With such a domain name, head to a domain registrant to search and register your domain name.

  1. Check your chosen domain availability

You will need to check if your domain name is available with the domain registrar such as Shopify. If available, you should proceed to order the domain and pay the necessary fee to own it. If you did a good working choosing your domain name, you should have no problem with availability. In case your preferred name is not available using the traditional .com or .org domain extension, you can pick one of the new domain extensions. For instance, if you sell a car or you are in automobile service, you can pick a .cars domain extension to maintain the uniqueness of your domain name.

  1. Consider registering alternate names

If you are lucky with a .com domain or the domain registrant offers you available domain extension similar to your preferred domain name, you can secure them by registering them along with your main domain. The advantage of registering alternate domain extensions is that when web searchers search for any of the domain extension, the internet will send them all to your website for more traffic. For instance, if you have food.com and the .net, .org, .info are available, registering them all open more opportunities for you to be found online.

  1. Pay for your domain

After you order your domain, the payment processor will present an invoice for payment. You need to fill in your payment detail and authorize the payment which is usually a minimum of one year. You may increase the year for more discounts if your domain registrant offers such deal. After payment, it takes about 24 hours for your domain to be active.

After paying for your domain, you are now the bona fide owner of the domain for 12 months. You should know that you can keep your domain forever if you are up to date with domain fee payment. But failure to renew your domain rental fee will lead to losing your right to ownership.