When you are a startup business, saving every penny of your capital is the most important thing on your mind. Starting an ecommerce business is no different. There are some very helpful free tools out there that will help you boost your ecommerce sales. Here are the best from Google:

Google Trends to boost your ecommerce business sales

This fantastic market research tool comes with graphic visuals and any regional search questions you may have. It collects information from earlier years that help you see the current market trends in two simple steps. First, you get to see the interests of your target market by searching through comprehensive data. Secondly, from the information you gather from the previous step, you can develop your business ideas through looking up any related searches. These searches can help you gain wonderful insights on popular products your target market are interested in.

Google Keyword Planner for your ecommerce business campaigns

What wonderful news to know that you do not need a budget for ad campaigns. The world has really evolved with time. The free Google Keyword Planner is one of the greatest resource for learning all you need to about your clients. The idea is using a keyword research to discover what your clients are looking for and the popularity of your search terms.

Google Keyword Planner market research occurs in three ways:

  1. Search for new keywords and ad ideas
  2. Discover the list of keywords through search volume
  3. Get new ideas on keywords

Google Search Console to check your ecommerce business campaign performance

Once you are done with your market research, you can check your market campaign performance with Google Search Console. You will gain access to your ecommerce business site search traffic metrics and find your site ranking depending on particular keywords. You will also learn on what your clients are clicking on when they get to your landing page.

Some of the data you will get are your page clicks, CTR (Click through Rate), your impressions on Google, and the position of your site in the search results.


It is vital that you maintain a high CTR rate to make sure your product is boosting sales. Keep a record of search traffic data to adjust your approach towards the right direction. Target specific keywords that will help boost yourt visibility.

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