Buying a domain name is one of the things that you should do in case you are interested in establishing a website. This is a unique name that reflects the goals of your website. If you already have a company, it can be quite easy to choose a name because the domain name that businesses choose is based on their existing company name.

In the recent period, there is a growing interest in buying domain names that were expired or deactivated. In addition, people want to buy existing domain names on sale. There are even specialized websites that act as marketplaces for this type of transactions and many people are exclusively focused on buying and selling existing domain names. They don’t want to register domains that are brand new. There is more than one good reason why would someone want to do this. First of all, there is a chance to get the traffic that the website once received. So, there is no need to work hard to get initial traffic. Next, opting for an existing domain name can simplify the process of search engine optimization in case the website has used SEO techniques in the past. Finally, it is becoming more difficult to find unique, keyword-rich, domain names that are not used at the moment or in the past.

According to some experts, the older some domain name is, the more valuable it is. But, how can one determine when a domain name was registered for the first time?

Once again, you will have a chance to use a few different tools to find an answer. First of all, you can check the details related to past ownership with the help of Simply by using the WHOIS Lookup option, you should get the results you need.

Furthermore, you can use another method that has proven to be efficient. You can use Google site search. In this case, you should search for Google will return all the indexed pages for that domain. Additionally, you can use This website has the Wayback Machine feature that lets you see when was the first time that a certain domain name was visited by web crawlers and robots.

There are also many different domain name tools available on the Internet. They can tell you when was the domain name registered for the first time, provide information about backlinks, page rank, domain authority and many other useful things.

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